A few Houston craft show reviews and an update

Going stir crazy from all the classes and behind the desk time I’ve taken up as of late, I headed off to a few craft events last week and thought I’d share my thoughts. Second Saturdays Craftacular by Hello-Lucky, Shop Til You Drop by The Cy-Fair Women’s Club, and the Gypsy Market at the Northwest Forest Convention Center were the events I was lucky enough to attend.

I started with Hello-Lucky’s Second Saturdays Craftacular and glad I did! It’s a smaller event, just outside the doors of the Hello-Lucky boutique. The six vendors I came across and the boutique have more than enough character to make the trip worth it though. My faves, Therein Designer Katherine, Jamie Chatterton Designer natural Papers (loved her matchbook notebook!) and Jessica at Tiny Deer Studio! It was super easy to speak with and get a feel for why and how they love there crafty creations. I ended my in The Heights time with a stop at the Little Pinata Shop a few doors down. Amongst her pinata collection – Snooki (yes, the Jersey Shore Snooki!) for a bachelor party, A HUGE Noah’s Ark, cupcakes (the cutest) and pretty much anything else she puts her mind too for various types of parties. P.S. she’s even interested in adding someone talented to help her out, so if your interested follow the link and get in touch.

Up for my next adventure I made my way to the Shop til you drop event that was PACKED! I mean these ladies know how to put on a show! For me though, I was looking for something that stood out amongst the craft show regulars and what do you know I found ’em. Right there in one of the furthest corners of the entire event I found a super cool and affordable gift booth! Wood-Werx does custom and personalized carvings. The website seriously doesn’t do them justice and I’m glad I found their Facebook page because I have a very special someone in need of a Rail Road achievement plaque this holiday season!

Monday I enjoyed a brunch out with my hunny at a new breakfast spot (new to us), Another Broken Egg where we had the most delicious eggs I’ve had in quite sometime. The hubbs had The Floridian, the omelet I siphoned my eggs from since, I got the Belgian Waffle with fruit. One whiff of the flavor in those eggs and he was sharing. We’ve tried a few other breakfast spots over the last few months and it only took two bites to determine this was our new favorite. I’ll be honest, we didn’t start off on the best foot, what with the hostess getting insulted that I gave her my drink order before a beeline to the ladies room. (It’s The Woodlands, of course she doesn’t take drink orders! Not sure what I was thinking.) Anywho, it was that greeting that brought us across the owner/hands on manager. (Thanks Allen!) Come to find out, even though they are a franchise they pay particular attention to working with local vendors. The minute you say that, you know I’m listening intently! So, head in there and know that you are enjoying the flavorful fruits of local labor and whatever you do…don’t give the hostess your drink order! = )      Another Broken Egg Cafe on Urbanspoon

Not wanting to keep all this awesomeness all to myself before heading to the next event, I asked a friend if she wanted to go with me to the Gypsy Market, she said yes and we had a blast. Also a smaller craft event, except this has an upscale feel to it that only Northwest Forest can bring. The Bake Shoppe was there and ran outta the good stuff before we could get in line. She promised Strawberry Champagne cupcakes and we tried to wait but we had to head off for some Tomball love! We needed food stat! Thanks to a visit over at Cindy Jaeger Designs we managed to find a lil something to eat down the road. I adore a sweet even when busy shop owner! Come heck or high water, I’m gonna have me one of her GORGeous baskets!

It was a crazy week last week. One thing or another led to many apologies both from me and to me, and at this point those aren’t really stories I’m comfortable sharing even though they had a big impact on the week.  It got me to thinking, about the posts that I share here at Crafty Houston and how because I want to keep personal and professional separate I keep from sharing some things or can only tell you half the story. I’m not making any promises past the post I write this evening but, I’ve started a slightly more personal blog where I would like to air some of my deeper sentiments. Beginning with tomorrow’s post, you’ll be able to find small bits of my personality and views over at Then@Home. Which by the way is also still under construction.

This week should be fairly quite since I try my hand at kayaking for the first time tomorrow. We got “Rained Out” (There was no rain…at all) on Sat., lets hope tomorrow is better. And I finish off the week with Laura Burns Consulting at the RBBP Workshop. P.S. she announced today that some lucky somebody’s gonna get a free seat! So get over there and don’t miss an awesome event. OKay and quality time with e-muah!


Man, these crafters mean business!


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