Shopping the Houston Holiday Pop Shop


Well, I tried to post a video of most of the great stuff (I don’t have everything yet) I purchased at the Houston Holiday Pop Shop this past Black Friday (My 1st time shopping that day, it was worth it!) but I don’t have “enough storage”, the video is too long, and it’s taken me until earlier today to give up posting one (10 min. max) video. I’ll have to break it into 2-3 videos. On the up side, my video showing off the online purchases I made just before Thanksgiving (I hope yours was Stuffed!) did upload, it just didn’t post to any social sites. But, it’s there.

So back to what works! = )

Purchasing handmade or repurposed items this year was the only thing getting me into all-that-is-Holiday-Traffic this year. So when I heard about the Houston Pop Shop and the vendors attending, it was a done deal. When Brittany posted about the first fifty receiving a goodie bag…I was prepared for the line. I considered camping out; I had to let that go. (Hubbs talked some sense into me.) Luckily I still got there in time to get a bag! It was filled with all kinds of goodness. It was such an awesome space that when I got there I walked around to really get a feel for how much I may end up spending. I saved pennies for this and didn’t want to miss out. I didn’t! YAY!

– Before I could finish this we had to head out of town.- So, I have to make this as simple as possible since I’m writing on the go. I can’t provide links like usual and my video won’t upload (been trying since Mon), my apologies.


There were lots of people.










Just a few of the vendors in attendance I purchased from along with some of the awesome stuff found in the goodie bag.

And now for vendors that I purchased Christmas gifts from online.